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A wood fence is, without a doubt, the simplest and the most commonly used type of fence. It makes an ideal choice for the majority of homeowners, mainly because of its aesthetic value, privacy, and cost. If installed and maintained correctly, the natural beauty of the wood will remain intact for years to come.

There are two common wood options for you to choose from: hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is extracted from deciduous trees that have broad leaves. These trees drop their leaves every fall. Oak, beech, ash, mahogany, walnut, and teak are hardwoods. These trees absorb water very slowly. However, if they get wet, they will dry out slowly too. Fences made out of these trees may rot and ultimately break down. On the other hand, softwoods come from evergreens trees that have needles and cones. Pine, redwood, cypress, spruce, fir, and cedar come under the category of softwoods. Fences made out of these woods will naturally repel mold and termites. At Fence Repair Arlington, you can enjoy the freedom to choose the type of wood you prefer.

Whether you choose hardwood or a softwood fence, we will have your fences stained upon your instructions. People generally prefer staining rather than keep the wood raw. This is because the natural raw color of the wood will eventually turn gray due to weather damage. To ensure uniformity, we stain each picket individually. We also make sure that the moisture content of the picket does not exceed the standard 18% so that the picket absorbs the maximum quantity of oil and color that will ultimately protect your fence from damage caused by weather elements.

The benefits of staining your fence include:

  • Makes your wood water-resistant
  • Protection from U.V. rays
  • Mildew resistant
  • Stabilizes wood color
  • Preserve the fresh look of the wood for years

You can never go wrong with a wooden fence. If you choose to install wood fencing, you are certainly investing in your property. You will add to not only the overall ambiance, but also the resale value of your property. Even the simplest wooden fence can make your yard look bigger and certainly more appealing. All of our wood fences are fully customizable according to the demands of our clients. Since we avoid using pre-built panels, we are well-equipped to offer a more customizable experience than any other fencing company. Our focus is to install wooden fencing around your property that provides long-lasting beauty and security for your family.

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